Some Good Books on VLSI Design....

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Here are some good books on VLSI design...

Platinum Standard Books

1. Principles of CMOS VLSI design – A Systems Perspective
Neil HE Weste, Kamran Eshraghian, Michael John, Sebastian Smith
Addison Wesley Publications, 2nd edition.

2. Basics of CMOS cell Design
Etienne Sicard & Sonia Bendhia
Tata McGrawHill India

3. Advanced CMOS cell Design
Etienne Sicard & Sonia Bendhia
Tata McGrawHill India

4. Digital Systems – Principles and Applications
Ronald J.Tocci, Neal S.Widmer, Gregory Moss
Prentice Hall, 9th edition

5. CMOS Mixed-Signal Circuit Design
R.Jacob Baker
Wiley-IEEE press.

6. CMOS Digital integrated circuit analysis and Design
Sung-Mo Kang and Yusuf Leblebici
McGraw-Hill, 3rd edition.

7. Circuit Design with VHDL 
Volnei A.Pedroni
The MIT press

8. HDL programming Fundamentals:VHDL and Verilog
Nazeih M Botros
Charles River Media, 1st edition.

9. Timing Verification of Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Farzad Nekoogar
Prentice Hall PTR, 1st edition

10. Digital design and Synthesis with Verilog HDL
Eli Sternheim
Automata Pub Co; Revised Edition.

11. Advanced Digital Design with the Verilog HDL
Michael D.Ciletti
Prentice Hall;BK &CD ROM edition

12. A Verilog HDL Primer
Star Galaxy Publishing, 3rd edition

13. Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design
Stephen Brown and Vranesic
Tata McGraw Hill, 1st edition

14. CMOS Analog Circuit Design 
Philip E.Allen, Douglas R.Holsberg
Oxford University Press;USA, 2nd Edition.

15. CMOS circuit design, Layout and Simulation
R.Jacob Baker
Wiley – IEEE press.

16. Practical Programming in TCL and TK
Brent B.Welch, Ken Jones with Jeffrey Hobbs
Prentice Hall, 4th edition

17. Design Verification with e.
Samir Palnitar
Prentice Hall/Pearson education.

Golden Standard Books

18. VHDL: Programming by Example
Douglas L.Perry
McGraw Hill Professional, 4th edition.

19. Fundamentals of Digital Logic using VHDL
Stephen Brown & Vranesic.
McGraw Hill, 2nd Edition

20. Verilog HDL 
Samir Palnitkar
Pearson Education Publications

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