What are IP Cores?

Assalaamu Alaikum (varah)....

May the Almighty bless you all with happiness and peace....aamin.

                              In today’s CHIP design, IP (Intellectual Property) cores play a major part. If you want me to explain them in a single sentence, then here comes the explanation..

             IP cores provide Pre-Programmed Design Elements     
                              (Something like ready made food).

It is nothing but a reusable logic unit. They can be used as building blocks for CHIP design. As the name suggests they belong to one particular party and can be licensed to another party. There are lots of vendors available nowadays who provide IP cores to VLSI design companies.

Why should I use them?

   IP cores are already designed and tested to near perfection by the vendors who supply them, hence when the clients buy them, they can use the particular IP block directly into their design. This saves the design and testing time. And obviously the product will be out soon from the company.