The Basics - VLSI Classification...

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Having seen about classification of ICs in the last post, let’s move ahead and categorize fig 1.1 into two major parts,

  • Core VLSI
  • Application VLSI.

The reader should be aware that this is not the way people generally practice or explain. I am doing this here for the sake of easy understanding.

Core VLSI:
This is the one which talks about making (design and fabrication) an IC from the core, i.e. starting from preparing the substrate etc...

Application VLSI:
This is the one which talks about programming or configuring a programmable chip.

Learning VLSI will be easy if we approach it in the below mentioned ways,

  1. First, Learning How an IC is been designed and fabricated.
  2. Second, How to configure a Programmable device (particularly CPLD and FPGA)

VLSI concepts will be easily understood if one tries to find out answers for the above questions. 

Hence, just set the above two points as your targets in learning VLSI concepts and try to find out the answers for above questions.

And yes, that is what we are trying to achieve in future posts (Insha Allah), i.e. trying to find out answers for above questions, how to design a IC and how to configure a programmable device.  

Insha Allah (God Willing), in the next post we will go ahead and learn the differences between ASICs and Standard Products (more specifically Programmable devices).

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